Who am I, and where the heck am I from?

My name is Jenn, you’ve probably gathered that.  To start from the beginning, I was born and raised in the Midwestern United States, growing up in Nebraska for the most part.  Not your typical overalls wearin’, straw chewin’, playin’ in a corn field type of upringin’; we lived in a city.  Well, a suburb of one anyway.  I have 3 brothers and 2 sisters, and I suppose we grew up as a normal (whatever that means) middle class family.

Growing up I played softball, sang in swing choirs, and even did a little dancing.  My grades in school were ok, I think, and I was most interested in any classes having to do with atmospheric science.  I love to observe weather, especially nice and booming thunderstorms!  I hear that is a pretty popular pastime, to this day, among Nebraskans.  I remember being outside a lot, riding my bike, playing with friends, and wondering around our yard.  I remember asking my mom the question “why?” a lot.  I bet that drove her crazy.  Ah, sweet memories.

I have had a variety of jobs in my life journey so far; waiting tables, selling granite countertops, sailing boats for the government, taking hotel reservations, selling cell phones, selling weight loss, and other various sales and customer service type jobs.  I have even tried college out a couple times.  Of the jobs I have had, the customer service aspect was my FAVORITE!!  I have always been good at selling people things, but what I loved, and still love doing, is helping people.  In fact, my most rewarding job was working in the weight loss industry.  Sure, I could sell the program, but, seeing those men and women reach their goals, watching their health improve, and helping them through challenges and struggles… man!  What a great feeling!  That was the first time I noticed a passion starting to brew.

So that gives a little taste of where some of my passions started.  I realized that helping others feel healthy made me feel good.  Awesome, right?  Another realization I had was that I wasn’t afraid to question things if I didn’t feel like I understood them.  I wouldn’t always get an answer though, which led me to do my own research.  This passion of wanting to know the ‘why’ of things, along with wanting to help others become healthy, is what has led me to this next journey in my life: to study for and become a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner.  More on that in a future post.

Saving the best for last, I am married, and I have an amazing teenage daughter.   My family means everything to me.  They are what keep me ticking.  They are very supportive of my new ventures, and my biggest cheerleaders.  I am extremely blessed!

I’m already thinking about next week’s post.  I have so many ideas!  I think it would benefit you, the readers, to give more specifics on the different topics I am learning about right now.  I can expand on some things that have changed my paradigm, and given me insight on how I want to live my life going forward.  So until next time, be blessed everyone!

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