The whole world smiles at you.

Some of you may have read one of my facebook posts a while back on smiling, but this time I am going to dig a little deeper.  Why do we smile?  Let’s look at all the situations when we usually smile, shall we?

First, the obvious, we smile when something makes us happy.   For me, there are a lot of things that make me happy.  Sleeping until my alarm goes off, hitting all green lights on my way to work, having the dishes done when I get home, a large thunderstorm, the smell outside after rain when the sun peeks  out, Christmas music, a big mug of coffee, and the arms of my loved ones wrapped tightly around me.  There are a lot more, but you get the idea.

Next, we will move on to laughter. We laugh when something is funny, and usually we smile in the process.  I can think of several things that make me laugh.  My husband and daughter make me laugh a lot, along with the rest of my family.  A good, clean joke, anything vulgar just makes me roll my eyes; will usually get my belly a jiggling.  I also love watching romantic comedies.  They can get me laughing in a wonderful way, like a laugh/cry.

Common courtesy will get a smile out of some of us too.  In my experience, it happens when someone holds a door, let’s me in another lane in traffic, when I walk by someone and they say good morning, good afternoon, or some other greeting.  When I check out at a grocery store, and the clerk asks how my day is going.  When the waitress brings me extra ranch, and she usually gets a really big tip for it…

And finally, let’s talk about one that really gets my blood pumping.  A time, when to me, it should be implied that we all smile; for pictures.  One of my biggest pet peeves is when people don’t smile for pictures.  I don’t just mean not smiling for a picture or 2 in a lifetime, but for every single picture, no smile.  What’s happened to our culture where some people, mostly females, don’t think they should smile in a picture?  Especially if they are a mother.  Think about it, if the terrible tragedy of losing your mother ever happened, how would you feel if all the pictures you had of her were of some sort of pout or smirk.  I believe pictures capture memories, and why would anyone not want to be remembered with a smile?  I hate to think about how my family would feel if I were gone, and they were all wondering why I was never happy because I never smiled in a picture.   In this day and age, pictures are digital, which means they are out there for a long time.  We don’t have to get them developed anymore, we can just upload them onto our computer and enjoy.  There they are, uploaded to facebook for everyone to see.   I guess you could say this is an issue I’m passionate about.  It makes me smile when I see others smile, even in pictures, even on facebook!

I have a feeling that we are forgetting about how much power a smile can have.  Will you try an experiment for me?  Maybe you have heard of it, it is something I’ve heard before many times.  Go to the closest bathroom, close the door, and look in the mirror.  Now smile.  Do you feel a little better then you did before?  Even if you were already happy?  Chances are you do, and you can feel better every day if you start it that way.  You can make someone else smile when you smile, and make them feel just a little bit better than they felt before.

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