Christmas before Thanksgiving.

This can be a heated topic.  I have found that most people think I am crazy for listening to Christmas music in October, and putting my tree up in November, but that is just fine with me.  You see, what Christmas means to me is a celebration of the birth of our Savior.  It is about a miracle of a young virgin becoming pregnant by the Holy Spirit, and then delivering the completely innocent Man who would later be tortured and die on a Cross for all the bad crap I have done and will do.  He knew this would happen all along. I have done a lot of bad stuff, big and small, and I bet you have too.  For that, we should all be beaten and tortured and sent to hell to be separated from God forever.  But God loves us so much, that He sacrificed His only Son, perfect and blameless, so we wouldn’t have to suffer eternity without Him. How many of us have sacrificed our only child for the entire human race because we love them all so much?

Why then, is it so hard to believe, that I just might want to celebrate this for a little longer than a few weeks?  People will roll their eyes at me when I purchase decorations, and we’ve even heard them mumble. “It’s too early”.  Is it? It’s too early to start enjoying the warm glow of a lighted tree reminding us of the small amount of light there would have been in that manger? It’s too early to starting listening and signing songs about the miracle of His birth? Really?

So for the rest of the year, I suppose this miracle shouldn’t even cross our minds, should it?  In February, it’s too early to celebrate and praise God for sending His Son to save us.  March, July, September; too early.  Sounds pretty ridiculous if you ask me.  Maybe it’s me who should roll my eyes at everyone who waits until after another “holiday” has passed before they start celebrating.

Now, let me make something clear; I can understand the annoyance of the commercialization of Christmas, and how different stores start out early with their sales of product to try and maximize profits. However, people are buying them early and I don’t see that stopping any time soon.  Should we not maybe try and take a step back and put a more positive spin on things here? Should we maybe start looking at Christmas for what it really is instead of just Santa Clause, getting gifts, and making excuses to eat a ton of unhealthy food?

I really don’t think anyone would want me judging them for how they view Christmas.  Clearly, I am pretty passionate about my view, and maybe others shouldn’t try and judge me either.

Now that I have that off of my chest, I’m going to sit back, relax, and enjoy the dim lighting of our Christmas tree that brings so much joy to my heart. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Christmas before Thanksgiving.

  1. There’s a business I know of that has their decorations and tree up year round! Nothing wrong with celebrating what you believe 🙂

    • Wow, that’s pretty interesting. I haven’t seen anyone with decorations all year. I would totally have lights up all year if I could. They are my favorite part.

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