She Works Hard For The Money

A few years ago, when I started this blog, I wrote a post about money, and how our family does a budget and whatnot.  I know you are dying to hear how we are doing now, so this post is an update!

The first part of the update I’m going to talk about is what all we have paid off.  To date, all of our debt is paid off.  Say Whaaaaaa?  No, not our mortgage, because people like to bring that up, but we have a plan to pay off our house so we have separated that from what we consider debt, so back off!  Ahem.  Anyway, both of our cars are paid off, which feels amazing, and we have moved on to saving more money in our emergency fund.  We’ve saved over 8,000 dollars for our emergency fund so far!  Not only that, but along the way we paid cash for our IVF procedure, along with our doula and midwife totaling over 10,000 dollars.  We’ve had emergencies with our heating and air-conditioning, our roof, and a few other events that we were able to take care of without credit cards without borrowing money, and without going back into debt.

How about our bi-weekly budget meetings?  Yep, we still have them before every pay-day.  Even when one of us was away, the other would still do the budget and discuss any major changes needed.  We still start off the same way, tithing 10 percent.  I was recently asked if we tithed from our gross or net income.  We have chosen to tithe from our net income, but we also tithe any other time we receive money, including our tax return.  Our funds may have changed a bit, and our amounts to each of those funds, but over all we continue to do everything the same.  We pay God first, then ourselves, then the bills and so forth.  We still have our pocket-money set aside to spend as we wish.  And we make adjustments as needed.  Our income will be decreasing significantly in the near future, so we have been slowly making adjustments towards that so we don’t go into shock.  We also have our cash funds in envelopes, and try to pay for things with cash as much as possible.

With little changes here and there, things have run rather smoothly financially for our family.  At least for my husband and I.  My oldest daughter is still learning.  I’m hoping we’ve at least instilled some good money values for her. 🙂

As far as the class we took, Financial Peace University, we are on baby step number 3!  WAHOO!!!  If you’re not familiar with the program, you can check it out here on Dave Ramsey’s website.  Again, I don’t get any commissions for referring anyone, I just have faith that the program will have a positive impact on any person or family who puts its principles into practice.

So how about you?  Do you have anything you would like to share about finding your way out of a financial rut?  I would love to hear your stories below!

Thank you as always for reading today!


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The Thunder Rolls

Hi folks! Remember me? It’s Jenn, the author of this blog, and well, the person who has had a pretty tough season in her life over the past couple of years. When I started this blog, I wanted to be able to share with you all what was go on in my life and all that stuff I said in my first ever blog post  My intentions did not match up with the reality which was that I had been so completely overwhelmed that even the thought of taking a minute or two to write a blog post added even more anxiety to the already mixed up mix.  It has been a roller coaster ride, the kind that goes upside down and then does the whole thing backward.  Normally that would be thrilling for me, but recently it was discovered that roller coasters are yet another migraine trigger for me!  Yes, please do feel sorry for me because I love them so.  Sniff sniff.

What is a girl to do when she feels like she’s lost touch with her audience, and maybe even lost some of her motivation?  She reaches out to them, and digs a little deeper to reignite the passion she has for writing.  She takes the few minutes she can hold her eyelids open after her toddler falls asleep to reintroduce herself to her blog readers and followers.  Lastly, she smiles as she realizes that she is again inspired to share what’s going on in her life again, and this folks, is what she is going to do!

Thanks for reading, I’ve missed you!