Here’s a Quarter, Call Someone Who Cares.

There have been a few things on my mind lately, and while thinking about them tonight I realize they are somewhat related.  So what better way to sort through everything than to write about it?  Okay, maybe it’s not the best way, but I’m writing this post anyway.  It’s a bit of me getting some things off my chest, but you may learn something as well.

Let’s talk about the weather.  I love to talk about the weather!  I love to watch the Weather Channel, check different weather apps and compare them, and look up NOAA and see what’s up on their site.   I can do this multiple times per day.  If there is any activity on the radar, then I will pull up multiple radars and compare those.  I love storms as well!  Of course, growing up in Nebraska, one will learn to at least appreciate a good storm.  I love them!  

While thinking about some recent big weather events, I’m remembering some common complaints I’ve come across on social media: some complaining about weather that happened, others complaining about weather that didn’t happen, but BOTH parties complaining about how the weathermen were all wrong.  I may not be a meteorologist, (though I wanted to be one growing up… Oh and a storm chaser!!!), but I feel a bit on the defensive side when it comes to the comments I’ve read.  I don’t know of a single meteorologist who has been 100% accurate on their forecasts.  Ever.  Period.  The weather is for the most part unpredictable, but with the study of it and modern technology, meteorologists can get a pretty good idea of what it might do.  Even what it most likely will do. However, it is unlikely that the forecast will be 100% accurate.  Did you know that if a weatherman calls for a forecast of a 100% chance of rain, there is still a chance that you may not see a drop when it is forecasted? Huh? Ah yes, this is one of those things that really makes me want to shake some sense into people.  When a weatherman predicts a 100% chance for rain, it means there is a 100% chance it will rain somewhere in the area.  What?  Really? Yes folks, it’s true.  That may seem confusing to some, but that’s ok.  Roll with me here.  What about these big weather events that happened and how their outcomes were somewhat different in some areas than that of which was predicted?  Please go back to how I’ve said before that weather cannot be predicted with 100% accuracy.  What about when something happens that wasn’t predicted?  Think about this for a moment. Go ahead, I’ll wait…  If during certain months out of the year certain types of storms happen more frequently in certain areas, shouldn’t I take measures to be prepared for one of those storms just in case one comes my way at some point?  There can be two different outcomes to be thankful for here: to be thankful the storm hit and I was prepared, or to be thankful that it didn’t hit. The third outcome, to need to blame someone for not predicting something with 100% accuracy that is impossible to predict with 100% accuracy, is just ridiculous if you ask me.  If a weather event that doesn’t happen often in your area was predicted to be more of an event than it was, please be thankful that it missed you. 

Now I realize that some of you like to take my posts personally, and I’m okay with that, but I am not writing this about any one person.  There were several people posting about how weatherman were wrong recently. Please stop and think about what you’re doing when you start to complain about the weathermen lying. They are not God, please stop giving them such unrealistic expectations.  Use the forecasts as a guide and planning tool, but keep in mind that ultimately, the weather may not be exactly what is expected. 

Thanks for reading this folks. Until next time!