Love Stinks, Yeah Yeah…

I mean, it can. Especially during those awkward puppy love preteen years when you sweat profusely just thinking about your crush whom you would someday have the guts to actually say hi to… On the last day of school, in eighth grade.  Or how about right after you’ve had a baby and you experience the extreme pit of despair that you hope and pray doesn’t cause your baby to not want to nurse. Or even worse, it becomes the smell your baby associates with her mommy! The horror!  In the ladder situation, I found myself searching again for something to help take care of the putridness that had taken up residence pitside.  I needed something without nasty chemicals, such as aluminum, that could save the noses in my home, but at the same time be ready made because mama didn’t have time to whip up a batch of the homemade stuff… Or maybe she just kept on forgetting.

Before I get to my solution, let me first explain why I don’t use conventional deodorant/antiperspirants.  The antiperspirants is an easy explanation; our bodies are meant to sweat.  (See, I did learn something in my 12 plus years of school!)  It’s our body’s way of cooling down, and who doesn’t wannabe more cool?

What about deodorants?  One word folks; chemicals.  Not just any chemicals, but icky ones.  For example, one of the more popular brands contains cyclopentasiloxane, which has been shown in studies to correlate with endocrine disruption, neurotoxicity, and even cancer (source). I looked it up on the FDA’s website, and couldn’t find any thing in the cosmetics search engine containing the word “cyclopentasiloxane”.  Well that gives me piece of mind… NOT.

How about added fragrances? Most or the brands I’ve looked up don’t list what makes up their “fragrance”.  How will I know if it will irritate my skin?  Could I be allergic?  Could someone in my family be allergic?

Speaking of family, I will have a toddler before too long.  Believe it or not, some toddlers find themselves getting into things they shouldn’t, despite all efforts by their parents to toddler-proof their home. Now, suppose my future toddler outsmarts a preventative mechanism and gets a hold of one of my anti-stink products?  Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to worry about my smartypants ingesting icky chemicals in the first place by not bringing them in my home?

So, since I no longer have much free time, I decided to try a few more pre-made options. Since I’m so picky about what I put on my body, my options of all natural/organic/affordable/crap free skincare are limited (see my post about making a change in skincare products here).  I had come across the Moody Sisters Natural Skincare line and decided to try out some of their products out.  I fell in love with their Sweet Pear Whipped Body Lotion, wanting to gnaw on my arms after applying it for the first time, and I decided to try out their deodorant line. The hope wasn’t that I would want to also gnaw off my armpits, though it would be funny to watch, but I needed something that would eliminate the stink.  It just so happens that what I found with the Moody Sister’s line were affordable options!  I currently use 3 different deodorant products.

Why spend the extra money for three different products?  First of all, the products work like they say they are going to.  I mean, that’s pretty important.  Second, the products are made with high quality skin loving ingredients that you can pronounce, and won’t need an internet search engine to figure out what they are.  Third, I can customize them to make them work how I need them. I have sensitive skin and I can’t use the baking soda formula every day, so I can use the baking soda free formula for most days.  If I am going to do something s little strenuous like vacuum, housework or work out, I can apply the powder deodorant on top for an extra layer of protection.  If I’m going to have a busy day full of running errands and such, I can use the regular cream formula.  The final reason, they just smell wonderful!!  I love the Dreamy Orange, and the baking soda free has a lovely light vanilla scent.  So as you can see, I’m not using all three products every day, so it is a sound investment.

Over all I have been pit stink free for several months now, and I am so happy to have found a solution to my smelly problem!

Thank you for reading my post today, folks!  I hope you have learned a little more about why it matters to pay attention to what we put on our bodies, and why it is just as important as what we put in our bodies.


2 thoughts on “Love Stinks, Yeah Yeah…

  1. After Mercy, I had the most aweful pit smell…it was horrifying! I wanted so badly not to use regular deodorant but my homemade kind COULDN’T cut it 😞 so I kept going back. I tried to detox my pits with Acv but it still didn’t help. I still haven’t got away from my aluminum filled deodorant😭 I need to get some Bentonite clay and try a new detox and a new deoderant. I absolutely LOVE the Moody Sister’s stuff you got me for Christmas 🙂 I will have to try their deoderant.

  2. Yeah the biggest thing for me was getting used to sweating. But now it’s no big deal and I try to wear natural breathable fabrics. I use Primal Life Organics brand as well and I might have a coupon code for them so let me know if it’s something you would like to try and I’ll see if I can find one. 🙂

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