Baby, Baby, Baby…

Hello there!  Yes, it’s been a while folks.  While I love to write, I have been very distracted these last few months with the beginnings of pregnancy.  It is for a good reason, though it’s hard for me to not get on here and babble my thoughts on things when I have them!  Since we are making plans and getting ready for our third young lady to join us in a few months, I though I would write a post about baby stuff!  You may remember a post I wrote about being pregnant before, this is more focusing on actual baby products.

I am not looking to by too many more things for this one, since we still have a lot from about 3 years ago (gasp!).   I did create a baby registry online, and I am sharing some of the things I added after doing some research, and asking around some of the mom groups I belong to online.  I am also letting you know why I added them.

Let’s start with this little guy, the NoseFrida.  I had never heard of this thing until when our youngest was a baby and had a cold.  I posted something about her being sick on social media, and a friend brought one of these over to me.  I admit, when I first looked at how it worked, it grossed me a bit.  What. On. Earth.   Then, I decided it was worth a shot if it meant my baby (and I) would have some relief.   The result: it worked like a charm!  Baby was no longer stuffy, and was able to nurse and nap better.  While I managed to find some of the parts to my last one, I’m thinking it works better with all the pieces, so I’ve added it to the list.  🙂

Next up, the Boppy Nursing Pillow.  This is another item I discovered with daughter number two, and I in fact still have one, but here’s the deal: we live in a two story house.  So anything that saves me from having to go up and down the stairs, especially carrying a little one, is a winner in my book!  These things are so convenient for positioning baby while nursing!  I also love that they have removable and washable covers.

Now, let’s talk about the Boba Baby Wrap.   I have not ever owned this brand, however, I have owned 2 other wraps and I loved them!  They were well used though, so I’m thinking a new one would be wise.  I hadn’t really ever wore a baby before like this prior to my last baby.  I had used a carrier briefly with my oldest, but it was a lot different!  Things can really change over 18 years, right?  Whew!  They make multitasking, or really any kind of tasking, so much easier with an infant/baby/toddler!  Think laundry, grocery shopping, going for a walk, using the bathroom… the possibilities seem endless!  I do like other types of carriers, but this type is my favorite!

The last thing I’ll talk about here is the infant car seat/stroller combo by Britax that I added.  I didn’t use a stroller at all with our youngest, due to wearing her everywhere, but with a toddler and a baby and the amount of traveling we like to do, I thought it might be convenient to have this time around.  I love the idea of the car seat fitting right into the stroller.  I’m thinking about things like airports and such with this one!

By the way, I don’t get any commissions or anything from anyone buying anything from these links, though it might be something I add in the future.  I would let you know.

So tell me parents, what would you add?  What is something that you have discovered that you wish you had or use that you couldn’t imagine life without when it comes to baby stuff?

Thanks for reading!