Here’s a Quarter, Call Someone Who Cares.

There have been a few things on my mind lately, and while thinking about them tonight I realize they are somewhat related.  So what better way to sort through everything than to write about it?  Okay, maybe it’s not the best way, but I’m writing this post anyway.  It’s a bit of me getting some things off my chest, but you may learn something as well.

Let’s talk about the weather.  I love to talk about the weather!  I love to watch the Weather Channel, check different weather apps and compare them, and look up NOAA and see what’s up on their site.   I can do this multiple times per day.  If there is any activity on the radar, then I will pull up multiple radars and compare those.  I love storms as well!  Of course, growing up in Nebraska, one will learn to at least appreciate a good storm.  I love them!  

While thinking about some recent big weather events, I’m remembering some common complaints I’ve come across on social media: some complaining about weather that happened, others complaining about weather that didn’t happen, but BOTH parties complaining about how the weathermen were all wrong.  I may not be a meteorologist, (though I wanted to be one growing up… Oh and a storm chaser!!!), but I feel a bit on the defensive side when it comes to the comments I’ve read.  I don’t know of a single meteorologist who has been 100% accurate on their forecasts.  Ever.  Period.  The weather is for the most part unpredictable, but with the study of it and modern technology, meteorologists can get a pretty good idea of what it might do.  Even what it most likely will do. However, it is unlikely that the forecast will be 100% accurate.  Did you know that if a weatherman calls for a forecast of a 100% chance of rain, there is still a chance that you may not see a drop when it is forecasted? Huh? Ah yes, this is one of those things that really makes me want to shake some sense into people.  When a weatherman predicts a 100% chance for rain, it means there is a 100% chance it will rain somewhere in the area.  What?  Really? Yes folks, it’s true.  That may seem confusing to some, but that’s ok.  Roll with me here.  What about these big weather events that happened and how their outcomes were somewhat different in some areas than that of which was predicted?  Please go back to how I’ve said before that weather cannot be predicted with 100% accuracy.  What about when something happens that wasn’t predicted?  Think about this for a moment. Go ahead, I’ll wait…  If during certain months out of the year certain types of storms happen more frequently in certain areas, shouldn’t I take measures to be prepared for one of those storms just in case one comes my way at some point?  There can be two different outcomes to be thankful for here: to be thankful the storm hit and I was prepared, or to be thankful that it didn’t hit. The third outcome, to need to blame someone for not predicting something with 100% accuracy that is impossible to predict with 100% accuracy, is just ridiculous if you ask me.  If a weather event that doesn’t happen often in your area was predicted to be more of an event than it was, please be thankful that it missed you. 

Now I realize that some of you like to take my posts personally, and I’m okay with that, but I am not writing this about any one person.  There were several people posting about how weatherman were wrong recently. Please stop and think about what you’re doing when you start to complain about the weathermen lying. They are not God, please stop giving them such unrealistic expectations.  Use the forecasts as a guide and planning tool, but keep in mind that ultimately, the weather may not be exactly what is expected. 

Thanks for reading this folks. Until next time!


Momma, ooooooooooooooooooh

Hopefully, you sang that correctly. I thought I would do something different this time and write a post about someone in my life who is very special to me; my mother. 

I just left from visiting for a week, and I’m already missing her. It seems like the older I get, the more I want to spend time with my family. Especially my parents.

During this last visit, I really realized how much I’m like my mom. Not too long ago, the thought of being like my mom ruffled my feathers a bit. I would find myself talking to a television show or a movie, even though I know they can’t hear me. Or while driving, I would talk to other cars, calling them by the make usually, and making up a gender for them. I would utter words to my oldest daughter, and hear my momma’s voice saying the same thing in my head. And I worry. Too much. About my kids. There are other things too, but these are the main things I’ve noticed that I do that would bother me some when she would do them. And you know what? Now I am so grateful!

I am grateful that I have a mom who thinks about what she’s watching while she watches it. Who pays attention to her immediate surroundings while she’s driving. Who would tell me things to look out for, and does to this day, because she cares about me. And who loves me so much that she can’t help but worry about me. 

I am hopeful to be even half the mother she is! So now, I am thankful to say that in some ways, I am just like my momma.

How are you like your momma? 

Thanks for reading today!


Mary Mary, Quite Contrary…

Well folks, we’ve finally done it: we’ve started a garden! It’s been a couple of months, so I thought I would share a few things we’ve learned so far.

We started this garden to save money for the most part. We like to eat pesticide/crappy additive free which can be expensive, and with our recent reduction of income, we continue to find ways to be most efficient with our money.

The garden started with my husband building a planter box in our backyard. It’s about 7 feet by 2ish feet, and about a foot deep. Then we lined the bottom to prevent burrowing animals from popping up in it and filled it with organic potting soil, organic compost, and organic vegetable plant food. Next it was time to choose what to plant.

I knew we should grow tomatoes for sure, but I didn’t know anything about what other veggies would grow well in our climate and in full sun. So I asked around to some local gardeners, and we decided to attempt cucumbers, peppers, and a couple of herbs.

Right away our tomatoes and cucumbers sprang up! In just a few weeks, we had some tiny little cukes starting to grow, and little green tomatoes. In just a few more weeks, our cucumber and tomato plants pretty much took over the planter box. Now a lady at one of the shops I bought some of the supplies at suggested square foot gardening, which is where you devide the box into square feet and put one plant per square. The would be great for plants that don’t try to take over the world. This being our first time, we had no idea. So the green peppers we tried to grow aren’t doing so well. We did plant some banana peppers, and those seem ok. Our chives are ok too, but our parsley is being chomped away by caterpillars. So we will be looking up natural ways to repel those guys tonight. 

One of the things that surprised me was how many stinkin cucumbers we would have. Our first harvest we picked 12! And they were gigantic! We were able to harvest several more a few days later, and we get about 3 or 4 now about every 3 days. We ended up having to give some away because I’m not the biggest fan and my husband and youngest daughter can only eat so many each day. 

Another not so pleasant surprise for me was that the tomatoes were grape tomatoes. Not a huge fan, but my husband and daughter can stay on top of those because we only get about 1 ripe a day. Not counting the ones animals eat. ūüôā

We’ve used some of the parsley a few times and will hopefully use some again. I plan on using some chives very soon. My husband cannot wait for the banana peppers to be ready. All in all we are pleased with how everything has been turning out. We’re already starting to plan next year’s garden and my husband is planning on building a few more planter boxes, maybe even a greenhouse! So exciting.

So what kinds of things do you grow in your garden? 

Thanks for reading today folks!


She Works Hard For The Money

A few years ago, when I started this blog, I wrote a post about money, and how our family does a budget and whatnot.  I know you are dying to hear how we are doing now, so this post is an update!

The first part of the update I’m going to talk about is what all we have paid off. ¬†To date,¬†all¬†of our debt is paid off. ¬†Say Whaaaaaa? ¬†No, not our mortgage, because people like to bring that up, but we have a plan to pay off our house so we have separated that from what we consider debt, so back off! ¬†Ahem. ¬†Anyway, both of our cars are paid off, which feels amazing, and we have moved on to saving more money in our emergency fund. ¬†We’ve saved over 8,000 dollars for our emergency fund so far! ¬†Not only that, but along the way we paid cash for our¬†IVF¬†procedure, along with our¬†doula¬†and midwife totaling over 10,000 dollars. ¬†We’ve had emergencies with our heating and air-conditioning, our roof, and a few other events that we were able to take care of without credit cards without borrowing money, and without going back into debt.

How about our¬†bi-weekly¬†budget meetings? ¬†Yep, we still have them before every¬†pay-day. ¬†Even when one of us was away, the other would still do the budget and discuss any major changes needed. ¬†We still start off the same way, tithing 10 percent. ¬†I was recently asked if we tithed from our gross or net income. ¬†We have chosen to tithe from our net income, but we also tithe any other time we receive money, including our tax return. ¬†Our funds may have changed a bit, and our amounts to each of those funds, but over all we continue to do everything the same. ¬†We pay God first,¬†then¬†ourselves, then the bills and so forth. ¬†We still have our¬†pocket-money¬†set aside to spend as we wish. ¬†And we make adjustments as needed. ¬†Our income will be decreasing significantly in the near future, so we have¬†been¬†slowly making adjustments towards that so we don’t go into shock. ¬†We also have¬†our cash funds in envelopes, and try to pay for things with cash as much as possible.

With little changes here and there, things have run rather smoothly financially for our family. ¬†At least for my husband and I. ¬†My oldest daughter is still learning. ¬†I’m hoping we’ve at least instilled some good money values for her. ūüôā

As far as the class we took, Financial Peace University, we are on baby step number 3! ¬†WAHOO!!! ¬†If you’re not familiar with the program, you can check it out here on¬†Dave Ramsey’s website. ¬†Again, I don’t get any commissions for referring anyone, I just have faith that the program will have a positive impact on any person or family who puts¬†its¬†principles into practice.

So how about you?  Do you have anything you would like to share about finding your way out of a financial rut?  I would love to hear your stories below!

Thank you as always for reading today!


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The Thunder Rolls

Hi folks! Remember me? It’s Jenn, the author of this blog, and well, the person who has had a pretty tough season in her life over the past couple of years. When I started this blog, I wanted to be able to share with you all what was go on in my life and all that stuff I said in my first ever blog post  My intentions did not match up with the reality which was that I had been so completely overwhelmed that even the thought of taking a minute or two to write a blog post added even more anxiety to the already mixed up mix.  It has been a roller coaster ride, the kind that goes upside down and then does the whole thing backward.  Normally that would be thrilling for me, but recently it was discovered that roller coasters are yet another migraine trigger for me!  Yes, please do feel sorry for me because I love them so.  Sniff sniff.

What is a girl to do when she feels like she’s lost touch with her audience, and maybe even lost some of her motivation?  She reaches out to them, and digs a little deeper to reignite the passion she has for writing.  She takes the few minutes she can hold her eyelids open after her toddler falls asleep to reintroduce herself to her blog readers and followers.  Lastly, she smiles as she realizes that she is again inspired to share what’s going on in her life again, and this folks, is what she is going to do!

Thanks for reading, I’ve missed you!


“Look at You! You Have a Baby! In a Bar…”

As I sit here snuggling with my 3 and ¬Ĺ month old sleeping baby girl, I thought I would take a few minutes to share with you all some of my pregnancy journey.¬† It wasn‚Äôt easy.¬† Here are some of the comparisons between my first and second.

The nausea was the first thing I noticed that seemed to be more extreme then with my first daughter.  I never did throw up, and I was constantly hungry, so it was a little bazaar.  It was hard for me to focus at work.  (I hope I didn’t make too many mistakes.)  I remember being nauseated with my first, but having no appetite and I did throw up once but I had a migraine as well.  Speaking of migraines, I had 2 with my first pregnancy, and 5 with my second.

My belly decided to pop out pretty early, which I hear can be common with your second child. Apparently even if it’s been about 18 years since I was pregnant with my first.  I did carry long in my belly again though, so that was similar.  My lovely stretch marks appeared in the same places too. I don’t mind them though.

I had the same numb/tingling/stabbing pain in my lower right rib cage, though this time around was more severe.  Of course the doctors looked at me like I was crazy for doing research on what it might be, and told me to take Tylenol. No thank you.

One thing that was very different was the back pain.  It was pretty awful, and constant.  I did go to a chiropractor a couple times, but I should have paid to see a better one.  Work wasn’t any help, and I spend most of my days hiding the pain from my face and then coming home to veg on my couch because all of my energy had been spent trying to put on a happy face all day.  My doctors were no help, wanting me to take muscle relaxers.  Umm, did they miss the part where I said I wanted to avoid taking any medication?  They did finally refer me to physical therapy, but I only got to go once a week.  My loving husband also said we could budget for me to get a prenatal massage every 2 weeks, which helped me deal a little more.  I miss those…

Now the labor and delivery were certainly similar, but this time definitely had some big differences.  This time, I hired a doula and a midwife, and gave birth at home, in my living room, in water.  I cannot recommend getting a doula enough by the way, they are wonderful! So there was of course pain, but nothing scary.  (I hate how Hollywood portrays births like they are some kind of tragic trauma for women. ) I was in labor for about the same amount of time, giving birth only 3 minutes earlier than my first, but this time, my husband caught the baby,  we delayed the cord being clamped, and she was brought directly to me for skin to skin.  There was no taking her away to get cleaned, though she really didn’t need it, and no crying.  The lights were out, candles lit, and the fireplace was glowing.  I remember being pretty loud as well, calling to the Lord for His help, and to the baby to come out.  I didn’t feel ashamed either.  I remember being told to be quiet with my first.

What I have learned from this pregnancy is that if we have another child, I will certainly not be working during the pregnancy, I will see the good chiropractor, I will get those prenatal massages regularly, I will hire a doula and midwife, and have a lactation consultant with me at birth as well.  I will invest in a birthing tub with a better heater too!  That water was a little chilly…

That’s all I can think of right now.  It’s about time for my little squish to wake up and be fed.

Thank you for reading today!!




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Could Have Missed the Pain, But I’d a Had to Miss, The Dance…

Hi there folks!! I know it has been a long while, but things have been a changin around here. ¬†For those of you who don’t know me personally, I gave birth to a baby girl in December, and had a bit of a rough pregnancy. I haven’t had much free time to speak of, so I haven’t given my blog any priority ¬†Today, both my girls are napping and I thought, why not spend a few minutes and reach out to my loyal readers to let them know I haven’t forgotten about them, or given up on sharing part of my journey through life.

I won’t write much this time, but I am excited to share some of my experiences and things I have learned over the last several months. ¬†I think the first thing on the agenda will be to talk about my pregnancy, and how it was so different compared to 18 years ago with my first. ¬†It may take a couple of weeks to write, but I really think it might be something that some of you can relate to and maybe even learn from.

Thank you again for being patient with me while I find a little normalcy in my life again, even if that ‘normal’ has a bit of chaos stirred in. ūüôā

Until next time….


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